Amazon S3 allows you to host very large files and utilize their global reach and super-fast speeds for a very low cost. The problem with this though is that if you read their technical documentation, it is very difficult to understand for someone who is just getting started.


So, if you don't have hours to spend wading through the text, we've decided to create a video course that will allow you to understand how to do all of this in less than a couple of hours. Soon you will be on your way to hosting your big files and protecting them.


Here is what you're going to learn in this video training:


Video 1 - Introduction & Quick Overview

Video 2 - Calculating Your Costs

Video 3 - What You Need

Video 4 - Recommended Software and Why

Video 5 - Connect to S3

Video 6 - Buckets and Folders

Video 7 - Prevent Unauthorized Access

Video 8 - Transferring Files PC to Amazon

Video 9 - Getting URL to Each File

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